Our Structure and Partner

Our Structure and Partners

The DICAC-RRAD office forms its own community. There are always refugees around waiting for different services and diverse nationalities mingle together with the DICAC guards and drivers creating confidence and a delicate atmosphere. The staff also generally has a personal commitment towards helping the refugees and puts a great deal of effort into considering every person and helping with all individual problems.

The DICAC-RRAD is structured in two divisions: the social service division and the education division.  The social service division handles all health related issues, including psychosocial support and awareness raising trainings. The educational division handles all matters having to do with education for the urban refugees as well as DICAC’s educational activities in the refugee camps. It also engages in skill trainings and income generating activities in southern and western refugee camps.
In addition there is also a finance section that takes care of accounting, administration and reporting as well as support stuff section that consist of the drivers, guards and maintenance personnel.

Cooperation with other organizations
DICAC-RRAD has a very close cooperation with the government’s Administration for Refugee and Returnee Affairs - ARRA, The Jesuit Refugee Service as well as the UNHCR. The four organizations meet frequently to consult, systemize and coordinate their activities.
DICAC also has a monthly case review meeting with ARRA, UNHCR, The Jesuit Refugee Service and refugee representatives. Since all referrals to the urban program are time bound these meetings are used to go through cases whose time limit is about to expire. The meeting then decides if the time in the urban program needs to be prolonged or if the refugee should be referred back to a camp.

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