EOC-DICAC in partnership with Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) and the local government offices drilled 23 shallow wells and served 10,600 people of Gelana wereda of Borena zone with the financial assistance of NCA in the last six months. The communities were suffering a lot with the problem of water for domestic uses. The distance traveled to get water from unprotected water sources took more than an hour in one way. Girls and women were suffering a lot in fetching water. Besides, the communities especially children were suffering from water borne diseases.  Access to health services is very critical in some of the project kebeles.


Now their entire burden is reduced substantially and they are getting clean water in a distance of 1.5 kilometers radius. EOC-DICAC drilled 23 shallow wells and hand pumps were installed to give the service to the community. Moreover, water and sanitation committees were established for each water supply scheme. The committee members were selected by the full participation of user communities in each water supply scheme. Each water supply scheme has a committee with seven members. Of which two are responsible for care and maintenance of the water supply schemes and the other five members are responsible for the overall management and care of the water supply scheme in order to serve the community in a sustainable manner. The committees were trained by the wereda technical staffs for five days in management of water supply schemes, conflict management, and sustainable use of the water supply schemes developed, on personal hygiene and environmental sanitation and proper management and reporting of progress. Moreover, the local technicians were trained for two days on minor maintenance and repair of water supply schemes. They are also provided with hand tools.   The total budget expended is Birr 1,986,358.



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