EOC-DICAC in collaboration with local stakeholders and the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV) is implementing sustainable sanitation transformation project in Burayu, Dukem and Sebeta towns of Oromia regional state

with an outlay of Birr 12 million to benefit 32,049 people through the promotion of hygiene knowledge, attitudes and practices and expected to address more than 153,410 indirect beneficiaries. The project fund is obtained from European Union and SNV.


The major activities implemented in the last nine months include:-

  • Construction of two WASH facilities at market centers  of Burayu and Dukem
  • Construction of two WASH facilities at schools in Burayu and Dukem towns
  • Construction of four biogas digesters (Burayu market center, Dukem market center, Burayu school  and Dukem school)
  • WASH facilities construction in two schools is under going (Alemgena and Sebeta)

  • WASH clubs established in all four target schools and organized  drama and song to promote hygiene and sanitation
  • A four-day School WASH inquiry TOT for 34 participants conducted and facilitated at Dukem town both theoretical and practical including school WASH status assessment sessions
  • School WASH status assessments made and discussion with school communities and other relevant stakeholders done in respective towns
  • School WASH inquiry training cascaded to 25 participants(each) for Sebeta and Burayu towns


  • Conducted Institutional Led Total sanitation and hygiene (ILTSH) TOT for 26 participants invited from relevant sector offices at Dukem town to make sanitation and hygiene a common agenda by each institution
  • Participatory meeting about institutional led total sanitation hygiene was conducted at Dukem town and 280 (200 male and 80 female) participants were attended the meeting.
  • Mass sanitation campaign was conducted at Dukem town (>10,000 town residents  participated)
  • TOT on  biogas technology has been conducted for 11 participants from WASH and energy related government offices  and EOC-DICAC staff members at Burayu town
  • Mini-media materials WERE purchased and distributes to four target schools for proper and extensive hygiene promotion to the school community and town residents
  • IEC/BCC materials were produced and distributes to the schools and other relevant sector offices in collaboration with SNV
  • T-shirts were produced and distributed to students and town dwellers to promote sanitation and hygiene.

So far Birr 3,692,136.61 was expended for the implementation the above project activities.

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