Development Commission Holds Consultative Meeting with its Development PartnersDevelopment Commission Holds Consultative Meeting with its Development Partners

Development and Inter-church Aid Commission of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church conducted a ground-breaking meeting with its funding partners. The meeting was mainly held tightly on to bring the long contrived development endeavors of the Commission to the minds of the timely-tested funding partners and government officials. Demystifying the Commission’s 44 years of long development journey and its rewarding achievements to the participants was the other purpose of the consultative meeting. The Commission also desired to inspire the concerned officials and other pertinent experts at the meeting to work hand in hand to eliminate poverty in Ethiopia in particular and slur it in the world at large.

 With this perception, top officials and other management members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church Development and Interchurch Aid Commission (EOTC-DICAC) invited funding partners and government officials to devise plausible mechanisms that help it speed up its development efforts. During the meeting, his Grace Abune Samuel, Archbishop of EOTC-DICAC) and member of EOTC sent and made read a statement about the essence of the meeting as his Grace  was not able to appear at the meeting in the  mouth of Ato Yilkal Shiferaw, Head of Refugees and Returnee Affairs department. The statement read is quoted this way:

       I would like to express my sincere respect and pleasure on behalf of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church to see you all gathering together to discuss our common concerns and find solutions for the multifaceted challenges that we are encountering in the globe in general and in our area in particular. The local church and its members are uniquely qualified for this role because they live in the community and have the Spirit of Christ within them to enable them to clearly see and understand the underlying truth and deceptions that shape their community and society. They can promote what is true and counter what is deception.

 His grace also conveyed the obstacles the world people have faced and joint efforts of solving those blockages. Excerpts from his statements are presented here:  Today we are surrounded by multiple challenges, lack of security in the world, drought, human trafficking, and problems related to climate change, high influx of refugees and others. Hence at this challenging time we should all come together and discuss what is really needed for our community who are at need and should set our joint response for the betterment of the marginalized, the most affected both in the refugee and local community.

Dr. Agedew Redie, Commissioner of EOTC-DICAC Following the statement of his Grace, Dr. Agedew Redie, Commissioner of EOTC-DICAC presented a research-based speech. The speech he made inspired and tied together the participants to support the Commission to their level best. The Commissioner mentioned the contribution of the church  to the  wiping out of literacy, development of culture, the  blossom of arts and poverty eradication. Dr. Agedew also mentioned that the 500 thousand clergy, 89 thousand parish churches, 6000 monastic institutions, 55 million followers and 12 million Sunday school youth are valuable assets for the attainment of the mission of the Commission. He further mentioned areas of focus on environmental rehabilitations, water supply and sanitation, for the empowerment of youth, women and children. Easing the intensity of drought should be the focus of attention, he commended.

The participants on their part commended the holistic development activities of the Commission. The huge development efforts and achievements of the Commission grabbed the participants to vow to work in collaboration with the Commission.

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