HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Program

EOTC has been on the frontline in the battle against the HIV and AIDS pandemic since the disease was first identified and integrated prevention started in the country. A special unit of the Commission was undertaking the prevention and control activity that is EOTC-DICAC HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Department.

In 1998 the Commission has launched a number of pilot projects on HIV Prevention and Control in Amhara, Gambella and Benishangul Regional states. Continuing its efforts since then EOTC has significantly expanded its role as a major supporter of the implementation of the national multi-sectoral strategy and plan to combat AIDS in 35 Diocese of 200 woredas of seven National Regional states.

The major part of the Commission contribution has focused on an extensive awareness campaign, providing both information and education about HIV and AIDS and emphasizing the power of the spiritual and moral values of the faith instilling behaviors that will prevent the spread of the disease.

During the last two decades, EOTC has provided HIV and AIDS prevention, care & support services to the Ethiopian society using its well established structures by deploying more than 10,000 Para counselors, Project Advisory Committee (PAC) members, community volunteers & Religious Women Group Association Members (RWGAMs).


As a result of the effort of the Department:-

More than 18,000 beneficiaries (OVC/HVC, old age persons & persons with disability) have been provided with food, clothing, medical, shelter & educational support.

More than 12,000 PLWHAs, OVC & OVC guardians have obtained IGA support.

More than 108,704 beneficiaries benefited with psycho social support.

More than 88,830 priests, PAC members, Sunday school youth, Theological colleges’ teachers & students as well as community members were trained & sensitized on FGM/GBV.

 75 new born girls were saved from the act of FGM & five FGM performers have stopped female circumcision in Addis Ababa & Debre berhan. In addition, 150 mothers have decided to stop FGM practice on their new born babies.

A total of 100,000 Seme’a Tsidik & zena betekrstian newspapers which contain the message of FGM/GBVs were distributed among the congregants.

More than 163, 918 clergy & community members were sensitized & trained on CPMTCT.

More than 1,112,128 persons became aware of SRHR/HIV/AIDS/HTPs through Development Bible book.

17,836 House of hold members became aware of malaria & score card on malaria distributed in Metema, Humera & Metekel.

Future direction of HIV and AIDS prevention & control Department

The Department in attaining its mission in the coming five years to address the needs of the community irrespective of religion or ethnic origin, it gives particular attention to:

Contributing to the national effort of prevention, care, support of HIV and AIDS, PMTCT, TB, Malaria and other preventable diseases and their impact.

 Play a pivotal role in reducing neonatal, child & maternal mortality.

Tackle social problems related to Adolescent Reproductive Health, disability, destitute life & women vulnerability, aging, Harmful Traditional Practices (HTPs) & Gender Based Violence (GBV

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