Implementation Arrangements

To render a quality education for our beneficiaries, the following arrangements have been accomplished in all Sub project implementation:-

  • DICAC-RRAD implemented the Post-primary and Higher education assistance in the three camps of Kebribayah, Shedder, and Aw-bare. A total of 142 students attend Higher Education.   For the implementation of this higher education program a total of 3,422813.00 birr invested within 2011/2012 academic year by the fund secured from UNHCR. 
  • DICAC-RRAD Head Office assigned professional staffs to enhance the Projects’ performance. In East Camps Male 24 female 5 total 29 professional staffs and Male 16 Female 6 Total 22 Supporting staffs; In West camps Male 9 Female 1 Total 10 Professional staffs and male 11 supporting staffs; In North camps Male 15 Female 2 Total 17 professional staffs and male10 female 3 total 14 supporting staffs; In Southern camps i.e. Dollo-Bokolomanio Male 11 Female 2 Total 13 professional staffs and male 6 female 1 total 7 supporting staffs are assigned to qualify the education projects.
  • The Kebribayah and Aw-Bare Secondary education Program is administered in the two Government High Schools respectively through closely follow up of Jijiga liaison office and by two project coordination offices. Moreover Maitsebri and Shirraro Government secondary school admit Eritrean Refugees from 9-12 grade level. RRAD-Maitsebri coordination office supports beneficiaries through counseling service and provision of educational materials. 
  • Secondary School like  Shedder, Mai-Aini, Pugnido and Bokolomanio are Education projects that are purely managed by DICAC-RRAD; 
  • UNHCR and ARRA through their respective Community Services/Education and Program Units monitored and provided guidance in the implementation of the Project.
  • DICAC/RRAD Project offices at camps provided monthly, quarterly, biannually and annually report to ARRA, UNHCR camp level and DICAC/RRAD zone liaison office and Head office. DICAC/RRAD Jijiga zone  liaison office in turn were providing compiled report of the three camps to ARRA Jijiga zone, UNHCR sub office Jijiga,  DICAC/RRAD Head office and Regional Education Bureau.
  • DICAC/RRAD Jijiga, Maitsebri, Pugnido, Bokolomanio liaised with Regional education bureau on various educational updates/policy issues like plasma installation, text books publications, and attended Regional education task forces meetings in the bureau.

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