Major Accomplished Activities

To achieve the project objective, the sub project exercised the following from January 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012

  • 1688 students (M=1247 F=441) enrolled in Kebribayah, Aw-bare and Shedder, Mai-Aini, Maitsebri, Shirraro, Bokolomanio and Pugnido, high school in 2011/12 academic year. 95.5% of the planned beneficiaries enrolled in secondary school.
  • Registration fee of refugee students was paid to Kebribayah and Aw-bare, Maitsebri and Shirraro government High school based on their total number of students; 42,240.00 Birr for Kebribayah and Aw-bare government High School and 8,800.00 birr registration fee paid for Maitsebri and Shirraro Government High school.  A total of 51,040.00 Birr paid for school registration in 2012 academic year for government schools.
  • 10,224 exercise books, 6,816 pens and 1,704 pencils were distributed to all students.
  • 852 complete uniforms have been distributed to all refugee students.
  • In 2012 academic year 100% Shedder High School students pass the 10th grade National Examination and 94.4% of Mai-Aini High School grade 10 students pass the National Examination. 
  • National examination Payment was made to the National examination Agency for grade 10 & 12 National Examination. 42,480.00 birr paid for North camps grade 10 candidates and 71,100.00 birr for east camps grade 10 and 12 candidates. A total of 113, 480.00 birr was paid for National Examination office as an exam fee.
  • For production of teaching aids and school pedagogical centers, a total of 20,000.00 birr invested.
  • Mini-media, Environmental protection, sport, Language, HIV/AIDS and Red Cross, peace, and Girls’ clubs were able to run their plans accordingly in UNHCR Sponsored DICAC-RRAD High Schools.  
    • Mini-media club: is presenting different programs to students every morning.
    • Language and literature club: 28 model dialogues and different artistic and literal works of the members have been presented to the schools community.
    • Environmental protection club: about 6000 seedlings were planted in collaboration with LWF/IRC and the members are taking care of them, though the weather is dry in each camp. 
    • HIV/AIDS Club: Awareness raising programs were given to the schools community 
    • Peace, civics and Ethical Education club: awareness raising discussions were organized to the member on child right conventions and definition, development & promotion on peace.
    • Girls’ Club: Strengthening of girls Education and question & answer programs have been organized for 9-12 grade female students. 
    • Sport club: different physical activities such as football and volley ball games conducted. 
  • In Shedder, 15 ranked and 6 active club participants were awarded  on parents’ and school closing day in the presence of parents and honorable guests. Likewise, Aw-bare and Kebribayah ranked students got academic awarded to encourage them and also motivate other lower achievers.
  • Furniture for school library, laboratory, classrooms, offices and pedagogical centers procured and transported to Mai-Aini, Bokolomanio, Pugnido and Shedder High Schools. A total of 1,052,000.00 birr invested to furnish the schools.
  • To facilitate the teaching learning process, DICAC handed over different stationary materials to Kebribayah and Aw-bare School like 55 duplicating papers, 25 duplicating ink, 25 packet stencils, 100 files, 50 exercise books, 10 art line markers, 5 printer ink/toner/ etc. at different times specially during examination periods. Moreover, 35 chairs, 12 tables, 4 charts & 4 models for teaching aids donated to Kebribayah and Aw-bare schools; each school has got similar quantity.
  • Classrooms, school offices, school library, school laboratory, pedagogical and ICT centers, sex segregated toilet rooms staff residences, staff canteen school play grounds, school and staff residence compound fences have been constructed and offered to the respective schools in all project sites. A total of 15,252,000.00 birr invested for construction and the contractors handed over the buildings based on DICAC’s engineer certification.
  • Monthly subsistence allowances have been provided to 88 students up to June 2012.
  • Pocket money provided to 20 regular university students.
  • Clothing, transportation and book allowances have been paid to 142 university and Technical college students.
  • Two times supervisory visit have been conducted to visit university students in Harar, Alemaya and Dire Dawa by Jijiga liaison office coordinator; to enhance their academic achievement counseling service provided.
  • 20 group  counseling and 167 individual counseling service provided for higher education extension and TEVET students
  • 12 times Weekly home visit conducted where refugee students sheltered.  
  • 48 students were treated at Jijiga karamara hospital. 
  • Two semesters tuition fees were effected to Jijiga university for  48 extension university students
  • Material costs of  Technical and Vocational College students were covered 
  • 126 students ( M=92 & F=34) borrowed different reference books from the library at Jijiga Zonal Coordination office
  • Also, the new Mai Aini refugee secondary school accepted grade 9 students from Mai Aini refugee camp. Moreover, grade 11&12 students of Shimelba camp refugees were registered in Shirraro government school.
  • The two semesters’ book allowances transport, and the uniform allowance payments were paid to all Eritrean, Somali refugee students. 
  • 7 additional teachers (i.e. 4 for Shedder, 2 for Bokolomanio, 1 for Mai-Aini) 1 guidance counselor, 1 lab technician, 2 secretary cashier, 1  store and record officer employed and assigned,  for Shedder, Bokolomanio and Pugnido education projects.
  • Different kinds of instructional materials such as 5 maps, 4 globes, 2   periodic tables, 10   Charts & 3 models   were provided to Mytsebri government school. 
  • Procurement of computers conducted and transported to all project sites. A total of 588,000.00 birr invested.

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