Overall Assessment of the Sub-Project

  • Overall impact of the sub-project

The overall impact of the sub project is as many as possible refugee students might complete their Secondary education and will be able to pursue higher level studies and build a better future. 

Compared to our previous year performance, in the current academic year the department is able to provide sufficient education for large number of beneficiaries. However, the school dropout cases remained a head ache for project implementation.

  • Co-operation with other actors

DICAC/RRAD is executing its activities with very much co-operation with the monitoring agencies; ARRA and UNHCR and other agencies working with refugees at zonal and camp level. Moreover, the collaboration of Regional and Woreda education Bureaus is paramount.

In the given period, the cooperation rendered by the concerned work partners (UNHCR, ARRA & IRC, LWF) was very high.

  • Lessons learned and recommendation for the future

The value of education is progressively increasing due to the post secondary education program. The community claimed its continuity. 

Generally, on the course of our implementation period, we identified the following issues as the major area of concerns:

  • The external pull and push factors were being the major responsible factors for students’ high dropout rates than conditions in the schools.
  • The significance of a regular monitoring and follow up activities.
  • The need for close work interaction among all stakeholders to address students’ problems.





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