High-Ranking Official of Water Aid- Ethiopia, EOTC-DICAC’s long term partner-visits Hintalo Alaje WASH Project

EOTC-DICAC has been involved in the implementation of Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Project for the last 20 years and benefited more than 1.5 million Ethiopians through- out the country. The WASH projects have been implemented in rural and remote areas to address the felt needs of poor, marginalized and disadvantaged communities in the country. The delivery of potable water supply, sanitation and hygiene activities have improved the livelihood and health of the communities addressed. Moreover, the water supply service delivery is highly linked with food security and watershed management. The bebficieries have got comparative advantage of getting food and income by using the overflow of the water supply schemes developed. Irrigated agriculture at household levels has also been implemented to produce vegetables and fruits. 

In an interview held with Ato Mulugeta Demelash, Head of Water Resources Development Department in the Development Commission, he acknowledged that one of the funding partners of EOTC-DICAC in the WASH sector conducted a field visit to reaffirm the sustainability and status of the beneficiary communities in Hintalo Alaje WASH project in June 2013. According to Ato Mulugeta, Water Aid Ethiopia and Water Aid UK Executives, board members and experts made a field visit. In the visit held from June 20-21, 2013, they attested the outstanding impacts of the project activities implemented for the last ten years.  The gravity water supply schemes with different structures such as water distribution points, various  shower rooms for both sexes,  washing basin, reservoirs, cattle trough, sanitation facilities, biogas digesters used  at household levels, irrigated gardens, etc that have been  changing the lives of the poor were the attention-grabbing undertakings of the Commission.  Being impressed by these outputs, they conversed with the communities to get more information on the management aspects and their health status. Eventually, they were satisfied by the life-changing activities of the project, and they applauded the Commission.

The attached document is extracted from their website about their impressions on the project activities which EOTC-DICAC has long been implementing with the financial assistance of Water Aid .









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