Sucessus story on Development Program

1. Goncha integrated rural development project

Goncha Siso Inesie district is a place located in the Blue Nile Basin of East Gojam in Amhara
Regional State of Ethiopia. The district is situated at 165 km east of Bahr Dar, Capital of the
region. The woreda has 37rural and one urban kebele, Gundowoin is the capital. The Woreda is
characterized by rugged mountains, and has an undulating nature of landscape which has made
the area susceptible to ecological denudation. Gullies have been naturally created during heavy
rainy seasons. The misuse of natural resources by the local residents has further exasperated the
area. The traditional farming practices have also made the area less productive. Harmful
traditional practices (HTP) including female genital mutilation, early marriage and male
chauvinism are some of the major contributing factors for exacerbating the problem in the area.
This has necessitated EOC-DICAC and its funding partner to undertake various projects which
benefit the people in the locality, some of which are prevention of Female Genital Mutilation(FGM)
, environmental rehabilitation, small scale irrigation scheme, water supply, sanitation and
hygiene education, community empowerment, capacity building for wereda sector offices and
project capacity building. This project is funded by ACT for Peace of the National Council of
Churches in Australia

See the detailed activities of Goncha IRDP


2. Monastry Development Program

The monastery development program of The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church and Inter Church Aid Commission (EOTC-DICAC) focuses on development activities which help to gear community empowerment and livelihood improvement through monastic community development to attain self reliance by tackling the root causes of poverty.

Monasteries can play as a pole growth of development; they play a great role in leading the spiritual, educational, cultural and moral life of the society and acted as a motive force for welfare services.  As a custodian of traditional church education, history witnesses that the monasteries and churches were entrusted with leading modern education, when it was initially introduced in Ethiopia.

see the detailed activities of Monastic development program

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