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Development Projects

List of Development projects

1.     Ankober Climate Resilience Project

2.     Kilte Awulalo Rural Livelihood Improvement Project

3.     Abune Mereha Rural Livelihood Improvement Project

4.     Lebo Kemkem Rural Livelihood Improvement Project

5.     Dawount Rural Livelihood Improvement Project

6.     Dawount Food Security and Nutrition Improvement Project

7.     Kurmuk Rural Livelihood Improvement Project

8.     Kamash Rural Livelihood Improvement Project

9.     Gambela Food Security Project

10. Jarso Dry Land Development Project

11. Gursum Dry Land Development Project

12. Gishe Ravel Rural Livelihood Development 

13. Arsi Robe Disaster Risk Reduction Project

14. Kellem Wollega Polio Eradication Project

15. Kellem Wollega Routine Immunization Support Project (GAVI/CSO)

16. Ethiopian Social Accountability Programme 2

Health and Social Affair Project

Health and Social Affairs programs

  1. Growth through Nutrition at Amhara, Tigray (7 wereda)
  2. Promoting RH at Amhara Ankober
  3. Assistance to Urban Refugees at Addis Ababa, 
  4. Provision of Post-Primary Education Assistance at Somali, Dollo Ado
  5. Provision of Education and Livelihood Activities at Somali, Jijiga
  6.  Provision of secondary school education to refugees and asylum seekers at BenishangulGumuz, Assosa
  7. Provision of Multi-sectoral assistances to refugees and asylum seekers from South at Gambela
  8. Provision of Multi-sectoral assistances to refugees and asylum seekers from Eritrea in Tigray Project at Tigray, 4 Woredas

Water Supply and Sanitation Project

Refuges and Returnees Project

Refuges and Returnees Programs

  1. School construction
  2. Provision of educational materials for secondary and post secondary schools
  3. Provision of psychosocial support
  4. Vocational skill trainings in various disciplines
  5. Income generation program as a component of livelihood improvement
  6. Provide Medical assistances and care and support (especially to survivors of SGBV and HIV/AIDS)
  7. On-call duty services 24hrs/a day for 7 days a week for emergency problems
  8. Monthly subsistence allowance,
  9. Psychosocial counseling to  refugees
  10. Provide safe environment for vulnerable refugees (safe house),
  11. Facilitates educational assistances (Pre-primary, primary and secondary) to refugees children,
  12. Provide skill trainings to vulnerable refugees so that they be self-reliant.